Raised UV Die Cut Stickers


Introducing our luxurious Spot UV stickers - a blend of unique sophistication. Meticulously crafted with precision, these stickers radiate charm. Elevate your designs with our eye-catching raised effect. Extraordinary durability on various surfaces make our stickers perfect for special events or product enhancement. Our Spot UV stickers add luxury to your designs with their exquisite spot gloss finish. Enhance your brand with these exceptional stickers, bringing together style, durability, and grace. Make the ordinary extraordinary with raised UV stickers. These are printed on our premium 6mil vinyl with heavy weight backing making these feel like a premium product for your premium brand. These aren't for everyone or every brand but if these are for you, you already know it!

Unlike all the other raised UV sticker manufacturers, we do a double layer as our standard instead of a single layer. We also give you the option to add even more layers of embossing for the ultimate customization. Our UV printers have some of the widest color gamuts available bringing you the most vibrant stickers around. 

The more layers you do the thicker and pronounced the spot areas become! The Heavy D emboss option will give you the most talked about stickers in town with an extremely thick feel to it almost like 3D molded. Be the boss you want to be with the best quality embossed stickers around. We recommend spot UV on large and bold images only (the bigger the image, the better). It doesn't work well for fine detail like type under 20pt. Our spot UV stickers are waterproof, and ideal for indoor and outdoor use. 

Standard emboss = 2 layer 

UV gloss Elite emboss = 3 layer UV gloss

Heavy D emboss = 4 layer UV gloss