What if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can easily reset it.

Select the login icon in the top right hand corner, and select "forgot your password?" Follow the simple instructions to reset your password.

Where can I make an account?

In the upper right hand corner, there is "Sign Up," click that and you can create your account.

You will also have the option when you checkout to create an account.

Do you have a reseller program?

No, we do not give special discounts. 

Since we already offer great, low pricing we leave plenty of room for resellers of all types! We treat everyone the same.

Do I have to make an account?

No, you do not have to. But there are benefits to having one! If you are needing to be tax - exempt you will need to create an account.

Why would I want to make an account?

When you make an account you can easily manage your orders, check out faster, and reorder with ease.

Your account will include all of your past orders which give you an overview or which stickers you have ordered in the past. It also makes it easy to reorder past orders. 

It allows you to keep track of your order and follow its progress.

By making an account, all of your shipping and billing information will be saved so you do not need to enter it each time. You can also sign up to be tax - exempt if you have an account.

What kind of collaborations do you offer?

Each of our collaborations is quite specific to the customer. If you think you have a good collab idea, please send us an email with your idea.

If you do not have an idea, but would still like to collab, send us an email and we can see if we are interested.

Can you ship to an APO/FPO address?

Yes we can, we ship within the U.S. with USPS so delivery to an APO or FPO address is no problem.

Simply write your address in the shipping form and we will deliver it to you.

How fast can I have my stickers?

You can order your custom stickers with our overnight option which means next day delivery, shipping and handling.

This usually takes 4-6 days from the time of placing the order. Standard shipping and handling are typically 2 day shipping.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship all around the world. Outside the U.S.A. there is a charge for shipping. 

All other countries have a mandatory express shipping service and fee to ensure that your stickers are delivered.

Can I track my sticker order?

Yes, once your order ships, you will get an automatic email with your tracking number for your order.

If you are pushed for time, you may send us an email to make sure your stickers are on track.

How much does shipping cost?

Standard shipping is free within the U.S.A.

Shipping International will depend which country you are in.

Shipping to other countries is an additional charge and sent with UPS or FedEx.

Can you blind ship my order?

Unfortunately we do not offer a blind shipping option. However, we can pack your stickers without any StickerBros branding material.

Please send an email if you are interested in this option for your shipments.

Can I edit my address after placing my order?

Yes we can update your shipping address if your order has not been shipped yet.

Simply send us an email with the updated address and your order number and we will change it for you.

Don't forget your apartment or suite number if you have one!

What if my package is lost?

If your package is lost and cannot be recovered, we will have to reprint your stickers and reship it.

Please email us if it appears that your package is lost.

Why won't my credit card go through?

Make sure you are using the correct zip code of the card you are trying.

Why was my card charged more than once?

If you attempt to place your order more than once before your transaction is approved, these attempts can show up as pending transactions. 

These attempts will go from pending to canceled in your bank statement after they are processed. 

You will not be charged multiple times, only one transaction will be fully processed.

What currency are the prices in?

All prices are in U.S. dollars.

Please keep this in mind if you are ordering from outside the United States such as Canada, Australia, or Africa.

You will be responsible for any local taxes if applied.

Can I do a tax-exempt order?

Yes, we can!

You will need to create an account with us and email us your certificate for us to verify before placing your order. Once we verify the certificate it will be applied to your account and as long as you are logged in, your orders will be exempt.

We cannot apply this after placing an order so please email your certificate and wait for a verification email before placing the order to avoid delays. 


How do I make a true black?

We suggest using the CMYK values 0,0,0,100 to make a pure black for black on your stickers.

What is the difference between RGB and CMYK?

Simply put, CMYK is the color mode intended for printing with ink, such as business card designs. RGB is the color mode intended for screen displays. The more color added in CMYK mode, the darker the result. The more color added to RGB, the lighter the result.

What if my art is low resolution?

It is up to you if you are ok with having them printed in low resolution. Otherwise you can upload a new file with high resolution.

Your stickers should come out ok as long as you are not super picky about sharp lines. However we do suggest you upload a vector PDF or file of 300 DPI in the size of your printing.

You can email us about it and we can see how we can help.

What file types do we accept?

We accept PDF, PNG, JPG, SVG, TIF, GIF, BMP, AI, PSD files. 

We suggest a CMYK PDF for the most accurate colors and clear printing.

Can you print gradients on stickers?

Yes, gradients are no problem for us to print!

Can you print in RGB?

No, RGB is for screen use such as your computer or phone.

We use a 4 color CMYK printing process. For the most accurate colors create your artwork in CMYK colors.

Can you print photos/illustrators as stickers?

Yes we print all images, including, photos, illustrations, gradients, or anything else! The file size will just come into play on the quality and clarity of the sticker print. 

Can you print white ink on transparent stickers?

We are unable to print white ink at this time but will be adding it in the near future! 

Can you print stickers with Pantone colors?

We print everything in CMYK. You can save your colors as PMS colors and we will print as close to that as possible. Some pantone colors are hard to reproduce in CMYK, especially some shades of green or neon colors. Please ask us if you need a close match to a specific pantone. 

Can you help me touch up my art?

We do offer some assistance for helping you prepare your files for printing.

You can send us your highest resolution file and we can see what we can do to help you fix it or change it how you would like. Send us an email with your file and desired changes and we will see how we can help.

Can I include a custom cutline for my sticker?

Yes, yes you can create your own custom cutline.

Make sure to leave a comment that you have included your own cutline when you place your order.

You will need to have a 0.075" safety margin for your artwork and a 0.075" bleed if your artwork has a full bleed.

How to create your own cutline

  1. Open your art in Adobe Illustrator.
  2. Create your cutline as a path.
  3. Create a swatch as a spot color named "Die Cut" and the color 100% Magenta

Save your file as a PDF or AI and use that to order your custom stickers with. You should see your cutline being read when you upload your file, if not please write a comment so we make sure to use it.

Can we make stickers without the white border?

Yes we can. Please leave a note with your order or e-mail us at Sales@stickerbros.com with your order number. 

Can I cut out areas within the stickers?

Yes, we can make almost all custom cutlines for your stickers. We can also cut away spaces within the sticker if you wish.

You can include your own cutline in a PDF with your design and we can use that when we produce your stickers.

Please write a comment to use your cutline so we do not mistake it for part of the artwork.

Can my stickers have sharp corners?

Yes we can cut sharp corners if you would like.

You can include your custom cutline in the PDF you upload when you make you stickers or you can write a comment and we can fix them for you

Are the stickers weatherproof?

Yes, all sticker materials are 4+ year weatherproof.

This means they will hold up in rain, sun, snow, dishwashers, microwaves, etc. The sticker is protected by an ultra-thin vinyl film. Our custom stickers are laminated - Which makes it UV-resistant, Waterproof, scratchproof, and fade proof.

Do you have matte stickers instead of glossy coated?

Yes we do! All of our stickers have the matte option along with gloss option when you are selecting the materials on each sticker product. 

Can I get samples of your sticker materials?

You can order samples of the different custom sticker materials. This will give you all of the different materials we offer. In the sample sticker pack, you'll get vinyl, holographic, glitter, clear, chrome, and more to make the right choice for your needs. (link order sample pack button) 

What is your most popular custom sticker material?

Our most popular sticker material is our standard white vinyl. This gives a clear print of all designs. These stickers are also 4+ year weatherproof and available in gloss or matte! 

Do you offer transparent stickers?

Yes, we do offer transparent sticker material. We call it our Clear Stickers. 

You can choose this option under the  materials when placing your order. We offer this in gloss clear as well as matte clear. All colors print on our transparent material. We currently are NOT able to print white on clear but will be adding it very soon!

What if I am not happy with my instant proof?

Our design team double checks every sticker order and fixes all imperfections before production. If you have a specific change in mind, you can write a comment on each sticker with your instructions. We make sure to read all comments and will contact you if we have any questions. 

If you wish to see a proof of your changes, you can also make a note to request a final proof of your stickers.

Is there a discount on multiple designs?

We do offer a discount on having multiple designs ordered at the same time. The more designs you order the more discounts you will receive.

How to make Sticker Sheets

Email us a .ZIP folder containing all of the designs you want included in your sticker sheet along with your order number and we will bring your sticker sheets to life!

Is there a way to upload multiple designs at one time?

No, each design needs to be saved as an individual file and uploaded as its own sticker. You can then save that to your cart and upload your next file.

Can you print on the back of the stickers?

Not at this time but we hope to offer this in the future. 

What is the minimum order for custom stickers?

10 stickers is our current minimum order.

What size do you recommend for stickers?

Size doesn't matter! The sticker size depends on what you plan on using the stickers for. 

However, the most popular size is about 3-4 inches to see design details or easy-to-read text.

We will print 1” stickers but we recommend 2” + stickers.

What if I am not happy with my order?

If you receive your order and are not satisfied with it, please send us an email including your order number and a photo of what you are not happy with so we can see what the problem is and how we can fix it.

We will work with you to fix the problem and make sure you are a happy customer.

Inappropriate content refusal

We are strong believers in freedom of speech and spreading your messages with stickers, however, we do reserve the right to refuse orders that we do not see appropriate, including but not limited to:

Imagery or artwork containing photographic mature content such as child pornography, overtly gory scenes, or suggestive of non-consensual abuse.  As well as, Imagery or artwork promoting violence or hatred.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our support team!

What is the minimum order for custom stickers?

The minimum order for free delivery is $25. We do not have a minimum purchase price.