What if I am not happy with my instant proof?

Our design team double checks every sticker order and fixes all imperfections before production. If you have a specific change in mind, you can write a comment on each sticker with your instructions. We make sure to read all comments and will contact you if we have any questions. 

If you wish to see a proof of your changes, you can also make a note to request a final proof of your stickers.

Is there a discount on multiple designs?

We do offer a discount on having multiple designs ordered at the same time. The more designs you order the more discounts you will receive.

How to make Sticker Sheets

Email us a .ZIP folder containing all of the designs you want included in your sticker sheet along with your order number and we will bring your sticker sheets to life!

Is there a way to upload multiple designs at one time?

No, each design needs to be saved as an individual file and uploaded as its own sticker. You can then save that to your cart and upload your next file.

Can you print on the back of the stickers?

Not at this time but we hope to offer this in the future. 

What is the minimum order for custom stickers?

10 stickers is our current minimum order.

What size do you recommend for stickers?

Size doesn't matter! The sticker size depends on what you plan on using the stickers for. 

However, the most popular size is about 3-4 inches to see design details or easy-to-read text.

We will print 1” stickers but we recommend 2” + stickers.

What if I am not happy with my order?

If you receive your order and are not satisfied with it, please send us an email including your order number and a photo of what you are not happy with so we can see what the problem is and how we can fix it.

We will work with you to fix the problem and make sure you are a happy customer.

Inappropriate content refusal

We are strong believers in freedom of speech and spreading your messages with stickers, however, we do reserve the right to refuse orders that we do not see appropriate, including but not limited to:

Imagery or artwork containing photographic mature content such as child pornography, overtly gory scenes, or suggestive of non-consensual abuse.  As well as, Imagery or artwork promoting violence or hatred.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our support team!

What is the minimum order for custom stickers?

The minimum order for free delivery is $25. We do not have a minimum purchase price.