Can I include a custom cutline for my sticker?

Yes, yes you can create your own custom cutline.

Make sure to leave a comment that you have included your own cutline when you place your order.

You will need to have a 0.075" safety margin for your artwork and a 0.075" bleed if your artwork has a full bleed.

How to create your own cutline

  1. Open your art in Adobe Illustrator.
  2. Create your cutline as a path.
  3. Create a swatch as a spot color named "Die Cut" and the color 100% Magenta

Save your file as a PDF or AI and use that to order your custom stickers with. You should see your cutline being read when you upload your file, if not please write a comment so we make sure to use it.

Can we make stickers without the white border?

Yes we can. Please leave a note with your order or e-mail us at with your order number. 

Can I cut out areas within the stickers?

Yes, we can make almost all custom cutlines for your stickers. We can also cut away spaces within the sticker if you wish.

You can include your own cutline in a PDF with your design and we can use that when we produce your stickers.

Please write a comment to use your cutline so we do not mistake it for part of the artwork.

Can my stickers have sharp corners?

Yes we can cut sharp corners if you would like.

You can include your custom cutline in the PDF you upload when you make you stickers or you can write a comment and we can fix them for you