Truck Door Magnets


 Make an impression on the go with these Truck Door Magnets. Transform your delivery trucks, cars, and vans into walking billboards and get more exposure for your brand without high costs. Durable and made to last up to 2 years with proper care, these magnets will ensure your business is noticed across large distances. Make marketing simple with custom car magnets.

Our Truck Door Magnets are expertly crafted to be durable, with proper care they can last up to two years. For optimal performance, remove and clean the magnet when cleaning your vehicle, or store flat and away from direct sunlight when not in use. A great addition to your vehicle to help get your message across.

Our Truck Door Magnets are easy to install and will help promote your business. In only a few minutes, you can attach magnets to both the side and back of your vehicle for maximum brand visibility. Place them strategically for maximum impact and watch your business grow!

Truck Door Magnets are a great way to advertise your business. The magnets are easy to install and are designed to adhere securely to any metallic vehicle surface. To ensure optimal adhesion, place the magnet on a flat magnetic surface before installation, then wipe down the vehicle surface and back of the magnet with a wet cloth and detergent. Let dry, then line up one end of the magnet and press it into place for an even and secure finish.

Our Truck Door Magnets provide a strong and secure hold for taking your branding on the road. Designed with a flat and rust-free surface for installation, this magnet won't warp or buckle when applied to the vehicle. No bumps or curves to get in the way of secure hold.