Embossed Stickers


Custom Embossed Stickers


Our custom embossed stickers go beyond standard raised UV options, offering incredible depth and texture thanks to our unique triple-layer standard (compared to the usual single or double layers). Want even more impact? Opt for up to 5 layers for truly eye-catching 3D effects!

Unleash the Power of Embossing:

  • Stand out from the competition: Add a luxurious, tactile experience that grabs attention like no other.

  • Emphasize key elements: Highlight logos, text, or graphics with raised, vibrant details that make a lasting impression.

  • Boost brand recognition: Create unique, unforgettable stickers that reinforce your brand identity.

Unmatched Customization & Vibrancy:

Choose from various embossing levels: Standard (3 layers), Elite (4 layers), or Heavy D (5 layers) for unmatched thickness and dimension.

Exceptional color range: Our cutting-edge UV printers deliver the most vibrant colors to bring your designs to life.

Ideal for a variety of uses: Perfect for packaging, branding, promotions, or personal projects.

Examples of Embossing Impact:

Luxury brands: Create premium product labels with an elegant, raised logo.

Music bands: Design eye-catching merchandise with textured band logos and album artwork.

Non-profit organizations: Elevate awareness campaigns with impactful, multi-layered slogans.

Note: Our Heavy D emboss is perfect for bold designs, while Spot UV is recommended for larger, simple images. Both are waterproof and durable for indoor and outdoor use.

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We highly recommend hand wash only!