Domed Stickers

Make Your Designs Shine with High-Quality Domed Stickers!

Domed stickers elevate your branding with a glossy, 3D effect and offer superior protection compared to standard stickers. They're crafted with premium polyurethane, ensuring they withstand harsh weather and UV rays without cracking, shrinking, or discoloration. This makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, maximizing their value.

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Domed Stickers

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Free shipping in 10 days

Free shipping in 10 days

Get your custom stickers fast with 10-14 days turnaround and free shipping.

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Get an online proof

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Durable & weatherproof

Durable & weatherproof

Thick, durable vinyl protects your die cut stickers from scratching, rain & sunlight.

Free shipping, free online proofs, fast turnaround.

Design Your Own Custom Dome Stickers

The top layer of a domed sticker is formed when polyurethane liquid is poured over the custom printed vinyl material. The dome cures and hardens into a crystal clear protective coating that gives the domed sticker the high-end look your customers will notice. Domed stickers are weather and UV resistant giving you the ultimate protection. Polyurethane vs Epoxy Domes: StickerBros uses premium-grade polyurethane that withstands brutal outdoor extremes unlike inferior epoxy that will lose gloss, yellow, harden, crack, shrink and curl over time. Inferior epoxy is commonplace on cheap products and is typically the cause for labels falling off and discoloring. Unfortunately, the difference between epoxy domes and urethane dome is not easy to spot when they are new. In fact, epoxy domes and urethane domes look the same for about one month before the epoxy begins to change. The shrinkage of epoxy causes labels to curl and lift the edges such that the label peels up from the mounting surface. Epoxy domed labels that fall off may appear to be caused by inferior adhesive when the real cause is inferior doming material. DomeTag’s polyurethane domes deliver the best quality, appearance, and durability. The unique dome label shape is created by pouring Clear liquid polyurethane onto a flat sticker. The precisely measured volume of urethane flows to the edges of the label forming a bubble of urethane specific to the label contours. The label is kept level for approximately 12 hours while the urethane cures to a flexible, resilient and durable bubble. The result is a domed sticker.
Domed Stickers

Weatherproof & Scratch-Resistant: 3D Stickers Built to Endure

Sticker Bros is the coolest and easiest way to buy custom printed products. Order in 60 seconds and we'll take your artwork or designs and turn them into the stickers of your dreams with free online proofs, free shipping and fast turnaround.

How to order

To order, select a size and quantity then upload your artwork or designs. Shortly after checkout, you’ll get an online proof showing how your stickers cut out. You can request changes to the proof for free until you approve. Each sticker is printed on premium vinyl with a permanent UV adhesive with the finish of your choice. The laminate makes them resistant to water, fading, scratching, or tearing. Your artwork will be printed as large as possible to fit the area size you select unless specified in the notes or your uploaded file is to specific size. Upload 1 design per product ordered. Example: If you are ordering 400 stickers of 2 designs you will need to order two 200 piece sticker orders so you can upload 2 different artworks. We have a 10-14 BUSINESS DAY turnaround after proof approval. We do NOT offer designing from the ground up. We just print what you give us!

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